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Tiger and Leopard                                                    THE VANGUARD PRESS, INC. NEW YORK, ©1972
Tiger and Leopardwritten and illustrated by Jill Gill

Can a yellow and black striped tiger from a stripy world find happiness with a yellow and black spotted leopard from a spotty world?

Upon first meeting, Tiger and Leopard doubt this can ever happen. After all, one has spots, the other stripes. How can they go together? The need to find out for themselves is what sets the two off on a romping rollicking adventure.

In this imaginative picture book, Jill Gill's striped and spotted illustrations mirror Tiger and Leopard's exhilarating voyage of discovery. For the two find that the combining of spots and stripes results in a whole new world of exciting possibilities—not the least of which is their strong and growing friendship.
Tiger and Leopard a childrens book by Jill Gill