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Midtown: Madison Avenue

48th Street to 60th Street

North Side of Forty-Eighth Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues

Fifty-Second Street between Park and Madison Avenues

The Villard Houses

The Villard Houses

The Villard Houses

St. Bartholomew-s Church

Northeast Corner of Fifth Avenue and 51st Street

West Fifty-Third Street between the Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue

Madison Avenue, between Fifty-Third and Fifty-Fourth Streets

Site of Finland House

Madison Avenue, Looking East, between Fifty-Fifth and Fifty-Fourth Streets

Northwest on Madison Avenue at Fifty-Fifth Street in 1969

Madison Avenue at 58th Street until November 1962

Looking Northwest on Park Avenue and 56th Street

Fifth Avenue at Fifty-Sixth Street

Fifth Avenue at Fifty-Sixth Street

Fifty-Seventh Street, North Side, between Park and Lexington Avenues

West Side of Lexington Avenue between 57th and 58th Streets

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